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Getting Past the Hurdles of Offshore Development

If you’ve ever considered outsourcing software development to another country, you probably wondered how practical a move this would be.

After all, it is not too difficult to conceive of a plethora of cases in which something could go badly wrong.

From obvious barriers in communication to the much less foreseeable disheartening of local teams, the possibilities for nightmare scenarios appear to be unending.

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So Your Application Has Finally Been Delivered. What Comes Next?

For first-time entrepreneurs, the logistics of adequately maintaining applications can often be surprising and even a little confusing. After all, when a train set is first taken out of its box, it simply works. Shouldn’t software be the same?

Of course it should! And in fact it is. But whether you find yourself in Tier I, II or III support territory, even the most diehard of optimists would be forced to concede that there are other weighty factors to bear in mind.

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Meltdown and Spectre: How Everyone Is Affected

Although it may have been dubbed the “worst bug ever,” for many years, the mechanism behind security vulnerabilities Meltdown and Spectre was widely regarded as a cornerstone of modern processor design.

It was only at the turn of the year that talk of a serious threat to cybersecurity began making the online rounds. Without any substantial evidence, the subject was cautiously treated as a rumour, but after days of intensifying speculation, Intel were forced to finally come clean.

And so, in an astounding January 3 statement, the chip giant finally admitted that critical security flaws are indeed present in most modern-day processors, including ARM and AMD. Essentially, this conceded that no one is immune to the danger, as it affects virtually all personal computers, cloud servers, and mobile phones as well.

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Running a Great Retrospective

All too often in life, one simple mistake can lead to a stream of errors that if not stifled early enough, is bound to result in a flood of frustration.

Unfortunately, the same is true in software development. This is why few things are more critical to programmers than ensuring projects are kept on track, come rain or come shine.

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The GDPR: Are You Ready for It?

We’ve all done it.

At last, after prowling through the depths of the internet for what seems like an eternity, we stumble upon the perfect web solution — and sign up for it without a second thought.

Of course, what then happens to our data is in the hands of the tech gods, as yet again, like countless others before us, we have agreed to terms and conditions we never once read.

Thankfully, the imminent EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that this will soon become a thing of the past.

But with new rules set to take full effect by mid 2018, millions of companies worldwide must now face up to their unpreparedness and see it for what it truly is: a critical liability.

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On Building Successful Agile Teams

Although it may be common knowledge that behind every great product is a well-oiled machine of talented people, what is not immediately understood is how to successfully put together a winning team. Of course, anyone can shove a crowd of specialists into a room, provide them with an enormous to-do list and demand that everything be completed by a certain date. Unfortunately, however, this in no way guarantees that the project will be finished when expected — or even at all. With this in mind, Software Planet Group would like to explain how we go about assembling successful teams within an Agile environment.

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Learn from the Experts

Sometimes, the greatest lessons we can learn come not from our own experience, but from the wisdom of others. This article presents some of the aptest quotes we have found to eloquently capture the spirit of developing at Software Planet Group. We hope they will serve to educate customers and inspire young developers as they work towards accomplishing their future career goals.

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InCamp 2017

Every year, Software Planet Group’s inCamp internships provide graduates with the chance to be taken under the wing of some of our very best mentors. We are constantly seeking to improve our internship experience and are pleased to report that this year’s programme has blown all previous inCamps out of the water.

And so, without further ado, here is an overview of everything our interns have got up to so far:

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The Fallacy of #NoEstimates

Like most controversies these days, it seems, it all began with a simple tweet. An avid programmer by the name of Woody Zuill decided to publish his views on estimation, and just as he had predicted, stirred up an online firestorm. Since then, the battle between #Estimates and #NoEstimates has created a rift in the Agile community that rivals Brexit Britain, and is still yet to have abated.

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SPG Meetup: Angular on Fire

Over the last year, Software Planet Group’s Ukrainian Meetup events have slowly been gaining momentum, and we have yet to tire of experimenting with new and exciting formats that will hopefully serve to make them even more beneficial to the local student community. This time around, our five-day long “Angular on Fire” event was chock-full of fun and knowledge, as many students dipped their toes into grownup programming for the very first time.

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