TechXLR8: Cloud Solutions Integrator

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What do we have to offer?

SPG are a bespoke software development service provider with nearly 2 decades of experience. Though our core business offering is the development of automated solutions for businesses, over the years, we have greatly expanded our services to keep up with the industry’s trends and our customers’ evolving demands.

We offer:

  • Security Audits of IT infrastructures (on-premise, hosted or cloud-based)
  • Essential testing (load, stress, security and penetration)
  • Configuration and migration activities (including load balancing configuration and moving from one cloud provider to the next)
  • Bespoke software development (cross-platform and web-based)

Taking Care of Your Infrastructure

Working as an independent service provider or alongside your existing teams, our specialists can help you with:

  • Analysing infrastructure costs and selecting optimal products and vendors
  • Improving your product’s scalability and configuring load balancing
  • Setting up monitoring solutions for your infrastructure and cloud applications
  • Database architecture and administration
  • Automated infrastructure management (AIM)
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) setup
  • Containerization

Which Platforms Do We Support?

From a higher-level perspective, our specialists work with a range of products by the following market-leading vendors:

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Amazon AWS
  • IBM Cloud
  • Azure
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Heroku

We’re also thoroughly skilled configuring separate layers and components of comprehensive cloud services (e.g. Amazon EC2, GitHub, Kubernetes, Docker, Lambda, New Relic, Puppet, Chef, Nagios, CircleCI, IBM Bluemix and others).

Above all, SPG’s goal is to discover the best possible combination of technologies to address your company’s challenges in the cleanest, most suitable way.

Get in Touch!

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