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Startup Founders & Healthcare Professionals:

Rapid growth in exciting areas such as quantum computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial Intelligence (AI) and nanotechnology are causing disruptive change to virtually every industry today, and the field of healthcare is undoubtedly not an exception. In fact, those who do not heed the call of digital transformation are increasingly in danger of facing utter annihilation.

Patients Demand Change

Did you know that up to 97 percent of consumers would like all healthcare institutions to have access to their medical histories? Yet according to a recent study by the American Hospital Association, only 25 percent of hospitals are currently equipped to exchange clinical information with external healthcare providers. For the remaining three quarters, it is clear that IT help is needed.

The Opportunities Are Endless

By making use of the most recent technological innovations, healthcare executives the world over are able to take full advantage of some of the industry’s most dynamic and life-altering software solutions. Here are just a few examples:

  • Highly secure blockchain solutions for protecting medical records and enabling sharing data with patients through advanced decentralised networks
  • Intelligent chatbots equipped with machine learning (ML) and natural language processing tools (NLP) that are able to understand context, automatically schedule appointments and offer helpful diagnostics with AI-based precision
  • Wearables for patient monitoring and preventative healthcare
  • Intuitive web solutions for pinpointing patient symptoms
  • Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) systems for managing PTSD, acute pain and post-surgical anxiety
  • Vastly improved infrastructures through complete data migration (to private or hybrid clouds)

…and more!

Why SP Group Are a Great Choice for Your Software Projects

Proven expertise

  1. Software Planet is a bespoke service provider with nearly 2 decades of experience
  2. We release a new health-related software product every year
  3. Over 7,000,000 lines of our code have been dedicated to medical projects
  4. SPG employ cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), AR and VR,  machine learning (ML), the blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  5. You will likely have more time to focus on your business — and may even receive an award for it, as one of our clients recently did!

Happy customers

Our clients know they can trust us.

~“This is the best experience I’ve had with an outside vendor. They’re smart and competent” – Performance Manager at Nokia.

~”They provided many recommendations of technologies which I wasn’t familiar with, giving me depth in the software realm” – CEO of medical software company.

~The work that Software Planet Group did throughout the project was exceptional” – CEO of boutique technology firm.

For further reviews, see here.

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