Bring Your Learning Institution into the 21st Century

With every passing year, education and technology become increasingly more interdependent. From AI and VR technologies in the classroom to highly sophisticated learning management systems (LMS), our modern technological solutions are completely revolutionising the education sector, and yet many institutions are falling behind.

The numbers alone speak for themselves:

  • 97% of US students are reportedly interested in studying a virtual reality course
  • 96% of educators attest that digital learning has had a positive impact on student achievement
  • Up to 90% of schoolteachers believe that Learning Management Systems have significantly improved both teaching and retention
  • As many as 54% of American colleges have yet to deliver on the latest EdTech trends

This is why at Software Planet Group, we believe in providing schools and universities with the very best that technology has to offer.

Tailored Expertise

Our full-stack developers have extensive experience building bespoke software products for the education sector, including content management (CMS) and testing systems, machine learning and IoT devices. In addition, we have taken part in a multitude of maintenance and modernisation projects. Working with LSM Education, for instance (formerly known as the London School of Marketing), we performed a full migration to the cloud, from our customers’ old backup hard drives to their vital bookkeeping software.

Embrace the Possibilities

Check out some of the other solutions that we can also build for you!

* Immersive AR and VR experiences
* Visitor and schedule management
* Attendance monitoring
* Progress tracking
* Cashless catering
* Performance analysis
* Omnichannel engagement
   …and more!

A Partnership that Delivers

By partnering with Software Planet, our customers gain access to a phenomenal pool of talent and achieve tangible benefits at breakneck pace:

  1. MVP in 2 weeks
  2. Continuous delivery
  3. Affordable rates
  4. Up to 4x faster than the market average

Get In Touch!

Naturally, as developers at the forefront of innovation, we are truly passionate about knowledge sharing and education; so whether you wish to create a platform for long-distance online training or simply to provide your students with interactive mobile applications, SPG are here to make your project a reality today.


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