Information Security: Essential Services

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Need a Capable Software Vendor?

If you’re looking for an experienced service provider offering…

  • Security Audits of IT infrastructures (on-premise, hosted or cloud-based)
  • Essential testing (load, stress, security and penetration)
  • Configuration and migration activities (including load balancing configuration and moving from one cloud provider to the next)

… put Software Planet at the top of your list!


SP Group are a bespoke development house with extensive knowledge and a wide range of expertise. In addition to traditional development, we provide essential services like DevOps and Quality Assurance, security audits and testing.


Better yet — we support digital transformation programmes for businesses on a global scale.

How We Work

Roadmap / Plan

Our work begins with a thorough examination of our customer’s needs and objectives. After agreeing on a timeline, budget and deliverables, you will then be given a roadmap and an achievable action plan.


When dealing with audits, testing or assessments, our specialists produce reports and a detailed list of recommendations — we can even support your in-house team as you implement these crucial changes.


Because we are well aware of the sensitive nature of certain procedures (e.g. security audits and vulnerability checks), we follow a strict non-disclosure policy.


SP Group also offer free personalised quotations. To get yours today, just click on the following link, or try out our friendly AI assistant at the bottom-right hand corner of your screen.

More Info

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Together, we can strengthen the security of your entire software ecosystem!