Media Production Show: Software Service Provider

We hope you are able to make it to this year’s Media Production Show at the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London. If you do, let us know if you would like to meet up at the event and discuss your project’s requirements!

Empowering Creativity with an Element of Tech

Media production companies

SPG offer end-to-end development services. We support your digital transformation programmes by planning (and efficiently delivering) cross-platform, web-based solutions, cloud migration and integration projects.

Software companies and SaaS’es

For tech companies in this sector, we offer a very practical team augmentation service, providing additional skills and development capacity to help businesses increase their growth rate and run more projects than ever before.

Challenges and Opportunities

Along with the new opportunities, modernising one’s software systems can also bring about new challenges, as companies must stay abreast of their customers’ demands and habits.

The barrage of requests for high content personalisation, round-the-clock availability and guaranteed accessibility through a variety of different channels compels organisations to build software solutions that:

  • increase decentralisation
  • enable fast, easy and secure content distribution
  • Include augmented, object-based as well as interactive media

Whether your company is partial to bespoke solutions or prefers using cloud services to integrate with distributed components, Software Planet Group can be your business’ main driving force for change.

What Can We Do for You?

If you’re a Media Production company, you can rely on SPG for:

  • Software project delivery. We cover all stages of the SDLC from prototyping to deployment and offer dedicated cross-functional teams.
  • Implementation of integration projects. If you are looking to revamp your existing workflows or replace internal elements with services from external providers (e.g. Amazon, IBM or Adobe), SPG have got you covered! We have worked with popular platforms for both streaming and media processing (such as Wowza, Adobe Media Server, Jitsi and Apache Kafka) and are truly a fantastic match for any tech stack you can throw our way.
  • Planning and execution of cloud-based migration projects. Our DevOps and development specialists will help you to move your infrastructures to, from and between today’s industry-leading cloud providers. We have helped clients slash their costs and greatly improve their stability on Amazon, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and IBM.


For Technology & Software companies in the Media Production sector, we provide:

  • Development capacity enhancement. Software Planet Group offer team augmentation services for companies requiring developers with a background in various languages (C#, Python, JavaScript and Java to name a few), or when searching for capable specialists in more state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. natural language processing, elastic search, predictive analysis, ML and AI).
  • Automated testing. Our independent QA team can support your product’s development and take the quality of your solutions to new and exciting levels.
  • DevOps activities. If you require more specialists in market-leading cloud systems — like Kubernetes, IBM Cloud or Amazon AWS (and by extension EC2, Lambda, DynamoDB, Neptune and Glacier), allow Software Planet to step in and step up to the plate!

With nearly two decades of experience, we bring to the table cross-industry knowledge and know-how.

Let’s Get Talking!

To meet one of our representatives at the Media Production Show, please leave us a message via our friendly AI chat below or, if you would prefer, then why not simply send us an email?

We offer free personalised quotations, so be sure to request yours today!