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Software for Marketing: Our Experience

While we aren’t ones to blow our own trumpet, if there is one area of our expertise that often goes overlooked or understated, then that would be our seamless ability to devise and develop sophisticated marketing systems.

As such, we would like to take this moment to educate our readers on the many varieties of marketing software that SPG are able to provide you with — using specific examples from a few of our favourite endeavours.

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2019 in Digital Transformation

By now, digital transformation is already well under way in the vast majority of organisations, but owing to the market’s notoriously changeable winds, knowing where to invest can quickly turn into a challenge. Just last year, for example, cryptocurrencies were largely being hailed as a great unexamined goldmine, but there is now growing support that these popular technologies are significantly less secure than originally understood. And what of the case of Oracle, which is now charging Java users extortionate licensing fees?

Nonetheless, by staying well abreast of the latest technological trends, Software Planet Group believe that you can make wise decisions that will help your business stay firmly ahead of the game.

So without further ado, it is time to take a look at the year in digital transformation!

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SPG Reviews: Influencer Marketing Solutions

Understandably, our customers are often concerned about the correct way to go about marketing their software products. But while no magic recipe for success currently exists, in recent years, it has become increasingly clear that highly sought for solutions like Google Adwords and content marketing can only take you so far. Beyond there, one must think outside the box.

So for this article, we would like to highlight just one of the many ways that you can do this, by ramping up your marketing efforts through the engaging power of social influencers.

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The Best Way to Market Software

At SPG, we are often asked how much money should be allocated towards marketing software products. The answer, however, may come as a disappointment, as there is in fact no definitive response.

Instead, what typically arises is a hopeless chicken-and-egg like situation: while most marketing providers will require a certain user base to begin with, the whole point of engaging with them is to attract those users in the first place.

For this reason, and because every project is unique, much more than a hefty wallet, marketing software calls for strategy and discernment.

Take a hunter, for example. If he wished to capture a duck, he may foolishly decide to do so at his local swimming pool. But if he gave the matter a small measure of thought, eventually, it would dawn on him that he would fare a lot better at a pond in the woods.

Of course, the above may seem like a rather blatant misfire, but equally as confounding is that far too many people today are unwittingly pitching their products to wholly inappropriate audiences.

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